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54th annual WPS Farm Show this week

| March 25, 2014 | 0 Comments
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By: Bob Meyer

The 54th annual WPS Farm Show is this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the E.A.A. Grounds in Oshkosh. Like many shows, this was started by Wisconsin Public Service in 1960 in an effort to encourage and promote the use of electricity on the farm. Over the years the show has evolved….moved…and grown. Corey Kuchta is Ag Market Leader for WPS and he says the conditions at the E.A.A. Grounds have made it possible to expand the outside exhibits even more this year.

AUDIO: Kuchta talks about the show’s history 2:30 mp3

When a show has been around as long as this one has, you have the opportunity to stop and consider the tremendous evolution of technology. Kuchta says just walking around before the show opens he sees new products

AUDIO: Kuchta talks about how the products have changed 2:30 mp3

One of the most popular booths each year is the WPS booth in Hanger A; Kuchta says this year they are featuring different wiring examples including the proper installation of cattle waterers.

AUDIO: Kuchta talks about the WPS display at the show 2:30 mp3

The WPS Farm Show powered by NatureWise runs 9-to-4 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 9-to-3 on Thursday at the E.A.A. Grounds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Details available here:

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