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Viroqua police warn of phone scam

| March 25, 2014 | 0 Comments
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The Viroqua police report they have received calls from people in the Viroqua community about phone calls they have received from individuals claiming they are from a local utility and demanding money.

In one recent case the individual received a call from someone claiming they were with Madison Gas and Electric and told the homeowner they needed to pay their gas bill immediately. When the homeowner started asking questions the individual got angry and hung up.

Local authorities say there have been other utility type scams circulating in the area and remind people that you should be very cautious about giving out personal or banking information over the phone and if you have any doubt about the credibility of the person on the phone you should hang up.

The community of Westby also recently reported they have had customers receive notices about insurance that could be bought to cover water and utility lines coming to their home. Westby officials say those notices have nothing to do with the city utility office and ask that if you receive such a notice to contact your utility office with any questions.


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