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Global Dairy Trade prices jump

| December 4, 2013 | 0 Comments
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By: Bob Meyer

The Global Dairy Trade auction on Tuesday saw overall prices increase 3.9 percent from the November 19th sale. This comes after a slight 0.1 percent increase on November 19th and is the biggest increase since the July 16th sale. The only product to have a price decline was cheddar cheese down 1.5 percent. Anhydrous milk fat increased 2.7 percent, whole milk powder was 3.4 percent higher, butter increased 4.5 percent, butter milk powder increased 4.6 percent, skim milk powder was 5.6 percent higher, milk protein concentrate increased 5.9 percent, lactose was 6.1 percent above the last auction while rennet casein jumped 18.9 percent.

Read the full GDT report here:

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