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Sen. Johnson rails at government problems (AUDIO)

| November 18, 2013 | 0 Comments
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The federal government’s problems remain frustrating for U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. The Oshkosh businessman turned Senator says the present level of spending is unsustainable, and many people in Washington aren’t telling America the truth about Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and other government programs.

By: Bob Hague

Johnson says it will remain difficult to solve the country’s financial issues until more elected leaders agree there is a problem. “There’s a process to solving a problem, and it starts with admitting you have one and then properly defining it. I’ve been in business long enough, that you actually have to agree on the numbers, and you actually have to identify the root cause of problems if you’re going to come up with solutions that actually address it and actually solve the problem.”

AUDIO: Senator Ron Johnson (:21)

The Senator says he hears from people everyday that are worried about government spending, constantly raising the debt ceiling, and the tax and regulation issues that prevent the economy from growing more rapidly. “We have to reduce that regulatory burden. We have to have a more competitive tax system. We’ve actually got to utilize our energy resources in this country. We’ve actually got to celebrate success rather than demonize it.”

Senator Johnson believes that as more Americans learn just how the big the federal government problems affect them personally, the more they will want to change the course we’re on. “The federal government is dysfunctional. It is broken. It is screwed-up. It’s ineffective, inefficient, so when you believe what your eyes and ears are telling you, then ask yourself a question: Do you really want to keep growing the federal government? Do you want it’s control and intrusion to your life to increase? Do you really want the federal government to take over a greater share of your health care system and be more involved in your health care decisions?” Johnson was back in Wisconsin over the weekend.

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