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Vernon County Sheriff’s Dept. reports string of burglaries along State Hwy 35

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments
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The Vernon County Sheriff’s Department Report on Activity in the County for the Week Ending Monday, Nov. 4

10/29 A burglary occurred on South Pearl Street, Village of Stoddard. It is unknown what was taken at this time.

10/29 A burglary occurred in the last week on South Main Street, Stoddard. Old motors containing copper were among the items stolen.

10/30 A burglary was reported on St Johns Road, Town of Union. Stolen items included firearms and specialty tools.

11/1 A burglary occurred at a residence on State Highway 35, Town of Genoa. Stolen items included walkie-talkie radios, an orange Husqvarna chain saw, and a tackle box.

11/2 Gillian Pomlun, Soldiers Grove, was backing out of the parking lot of Kickapoo Kwik Stop, Readstown, when she struck a legally parked vehicle belonging to Dennis Flynn, South Milwaukee.

11/4 The Department responded to 4 trespassing complaints during the week.

11/4 Starting October 28, the Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple complaints of mailbox damage including

  • County Road C, Town of Greenwood;
  • Parker Road, Town of Clinton;
  • Three incidents on Cass Valley Road, Town of Forest;
  • County Road F, Town of Whitestown.

The Ontario post office also reported numerous mailboxes damaged in Monroe County.


11/4 17 reportable car/deer crashes this week:

Mae Carlson, Genoa, on State Highway 56, Town of Harmony;

Michael Sheldon, New Lisbon, on State Highway 82, Town of Hillsboro;

Jessica Wilder, La Crosse, on State Highway 35, Town of Genoa;

Marvin Hansen, Soldiers Grove, on State Highway 56, Town of Jefferson;

Melissa Kee, Viola, on State Highway 56, Town of Liberty;

Ashley Rutkowski, Richland Center, on US Highway 14, Town of Kickapoo;

Justin Eckelberg, Wilton, on State Highway 131, Town of Stark;

Cassandra Grimsled, Westby, on US Highway 14, Town of Viroqua;

Pamela Geier, Viroqua, on US Highway 14, Town of Viroqua;

Tracy Thelen, Viroqua, on State Highway 27, Town of Franklin;

Samantha Mueller, Viola, on County Road S, Town of Kickapoo;

Phillip Neprud, Viroqua, on County Road XX, Town of Jefferson;

Kimberly Cejpek, Hillsboro, on State Highway 56, Town of Viroqua;

Daniel Parr, Racine, on State Highway 56, Town of Viroqua;

Matthew Mundsack, Genoa, on State Highway 35, Town of Genoa;

Louise Muller, La Farge, on State Highway 82, Town of Union;

Stephen Grabowski, Coon Valley, on US Highway 14, Town of Coon.


                                                    This past week       Year to Date


Alarm Responses                                      8                      305

Animal Related issues                              22                       622

Assisting Municipalities                            48                        939

Crimes Against People                             30                      1153

Crimes Against Property                          29                        645

Domestic Crimes                                      1                        123

Fire Responses                                       32                       1417

K-9 Calls                                                 0                          57

Medical Responses                                  36                       1798

Mental Health Cases                                 2                         114

Missing Person Investigations                   7                          224

Safety Escorts                                         3                          286

School Walk Through                              9                          327

Search and Rescues                                 1                          17

Security Check                                       136                     6339

Serving Legal Documents                        19                       1317

Suspicious Activity Investigations             19                       730

Threat Investigation                                3                          59

Traffic Accidents                                     27                     1043

Traffic Related Investigations                  114                     4463

Vehicle Lockouts                                     9                        358

Weapons Investigation                            2                          37

Unclassified Calls for Assistance              54                       2003


TOTAL CALLS FOR SERVICE             688                    27,684

ADMISSIONS INTO COUNTY JAIL          21                        833



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