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Perennial Forages and Fall Seeded Crop Reporting Deadline is November 15th

| October 21, 2013 | 0 Comments
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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Farm Service Agency (FSA) is announcing a major change for the 2014 FSA reporting date for perennial forages and fall seeded crops. FSA and the Risk Management Agency, which oversees the Federal Crop Insurance Program now have common acreage reporting dates. Due to this, perennial forages and fall seeded small grains for harvest in 2014 must be reported to FSA by November 15, 2013.

If a producer acquires a farm after the crop reporting deadline, a report of the perennial forages and fall seeded small grain acreage is required within 30 calendar days of acquiring the lease. Appropriate documentation to support this must be provided otherwise late filing fees may apply.

Failure to file an acreage report timely will require the payment of a late-filing fee which amounts to a minimum of $46.00 per FSA established farm number. Late-filing fees add up quickly!

Perennial forages include alfalfa, alfalfa grass mixtures, red clover and others that are intended for harvest in 2014. This also includes pasture acreage. Fall seeded small grains include winter wheat, rye and others.

Producers who are interested in participating in any 2014 USDA farm programs or just want to keep their acreage history up to date need to report the location, acreage and planting date of the applicable crop by the November 15th deadline.

Producers with crop insurance must also report their applicable forages and fall seeded grains to their insurance company.

Producers need to contact their local USDA-FSA office to schedule an appointment before the November 15th reporting deadline. The Crawford County USDA-FSA Office is located at 37500 US Hwy 18 Ste 2, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 (behind the Bridgeport Inn) or telephone: 608-326-7179, Ext. 2.

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