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Closing a tobacco tax loophole

| September 30, 2013 | 0 Comments
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By:Andrew Beckett

Anti-smoking groups are calling on state lawmakers to change how certain tobacco products are taxed in Wisconsin.

A proposed bill at the Capitol would require several candy-flavored tobacco products to be taxed as if they were cigarettes. Currently, Allison Miller with the American Cancer Society says many of those are taxed like cigars because they come wrapped in tobacco leaf instead of paper. That keeps the prices on those products significantly lower than a pack of cigarettes, which Miller says can make it easier for younger customers to consider buying them.

AUDIO: Allison Miller, ACS (:13)

Miller says the legislation would also require those products to be kept behind the counter at stores. She says having them behind the register reduces the chance young customers will even see them and be tempted to try them.

The legislation from state Representative Garey Bies (R-Sister Bay) is currently being circulated for co-sponsors at the Capitol.

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