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Governor Walker holding firm on casino criteria (Audio)

| September 17, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Governor Scott Walker is sticking by a requirement that there will be no new tribal casinos in the state unless all 11 of the state’s American Indian tribes agree to it.

The Menominee tribe so far only has eight tribes backing its proposed Kenosha casino, and the three tribes with large casinos stand in their way. Walker says he has no problems with those tribes shutting out the competition, because the compacts those tribes have with the state created a controlled monopoly. Walker says since all of those tribes have compacts, he believes they should all have to sign off on any new casinos.

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:17)

Walker says arguments that his stance goes against free-market principles don’t hold water, because Wisconsin’s casino industry is not a free-market system.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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