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Yueqing, China partnership & Richland area impact

| September 9, 2013 | 0 Comments
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What current connections does Richland Center have with the city of Yueqing (pronounced U-ching), China? What partnerships are developing—in business as well as in education—and how would these initiatives mutually benefit people from the Yueqing and Richland regions?

Get answers to those questions and more at the free, open-to-the public Love of Learning lecture scheduled to begin at 6:30pm Thursday, September 26 in the Pippin Conference Center/Melvill Hall on the UW-Richland campus.

UW-Richland CEO/Dean Dr. Patrick Hagen led a delegation to Richland Center’s sister city Yueqing in June. Members of the delegation were UW-Richland international program coordinator Emery Sanchez; Richland Center residents Ray and Sylvia Schmitz; Connie Ching, a UW-Richland graduate from Hong Kong, China; and Lejian Huang, a native of Yueqing who has assisted UW-Richland in establishing the relationship with that city of more than one million people.

Hagen and other members of the delegation will explain the history of relations between the two cities and the experience of representing UW-Richland and Richland Center abroad. They’ll discuss outcomes to date and prospects for the future, which may include initiatives that could bring students from the Yueqing area to Richland Center and the potential for developing business partnerships.

“Community Perspective on a Visit to Yueqing, China” is the title of this presentation.

UW-Richland is located at 1200 Highway 14 West in Richland Center. The September 26 presentation is sponsored by the UW-Richland Continuing Education Office. For more information, contact them by calling the campus at (608) 647-6186, Extension 227.

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