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Crawford Stewardship files lawsuit to stop sand mining permits

| August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Prairie du Chien, WI. (AP) — Environmentalists and residents in pristine area east of the Mississippi River near the Iowa border have gone to court to block a proposed fracking sand mine.

The environmental group, Crawford Stewardship Project, and neighbors have asked a judge in Crawford County Circuit Court to void two permits granted by the Town of Bridgeport because two members of the planning commission have a conflict of interest. The lawsuit alleges the commissioners have family members working for the company building the mine, Pattison Sand.

The lawsuit also says zoning ordinances were violated because the town did not consider any negative effects of the project. The Crawford Stewardship Project says the mine would be located partially on land that is environmentally protected for its natural beaut.

“Our zoning says that an activity must ‘not be injurious of use of other property nor substantially diminish and impair the property value,'” Arnie Steele, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said in a statement. “This permit certainly affects the use of my and my neighbor’s property and ability to sell.”

Beth Regan, a permits and compliance coordinator for Pattison Sands, said the company would not comment on the lawsuit because they’re still reviewing it.

Frack sand mining is a burgeoning industry in Wisconsin, where about 100 sand mines are located, and several other states. The sand is used in hydraulic fracturing to obtain natural gas.


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