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Viroqua City Council pledges financial support to library project

| August 15, 2013 | 0 Comments
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The Viroqua City Council has thrown their support behind the new public library slated for construction downtown. A groundbreaking was held for the new library last week and the city has already provided support in other ways using the cities ability to apply for grants but this week the city threw some financial support behind the project as well.

On Tuesday night the city council pledged $500,000 to the new building which is contingent on the building actually being built. But the pledge of financial support will make make fundraising easier given the cities commitment to the project.

Alderman Gary Krause has been an ardent support of the library project all along and was all in favor of helping the project financially.

“If there was ever any question about it, if they were ever going to have broad enough support to make it happen, with the scaled down version and the fact they already raised over $1.5 million I don’t think there is any question that it’s going to be built,” said Krause. “I only think its fair that we show support for the project also.”

City Administrator John Severson said for the city to borrow $500,000 over 20 years at 3 percent interest would increase the property tax mill rate by about .14 , which would mean a homeowner with a $100,000 property would pay an additional $14 a year in property taxes every year for 20 years.

Total cost of the project is projected at $3.6 million. Library director Trina Erickson said they have raised about $1.6 million of that already and the cities contribution would put them at about $1.5 million left to go. Erickson the project time line is to let bids after the first of the year and start construction by late spring.

There was some question by some on the council if the library board will have the $3.6 million in place by the time construction begins next spring. Erickson said the library board has pledged to have 95 percent of the fund committed to the project before the actual construction can begin.

The resolution pledging the funds passed by a unanimous voice vote.







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