Vernon County Board picks new county logo

| September 25, 2013 | 0 Comments
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On Tuesday the Vernon County Board of Supervisors made a final decision on a new official logo for Vernon County. The county has been designing and redesigning a new logo for several months and last month sent two finalists back for some tweaking before bringing them back to the board this week.

The new logo incorporates some of the aspects of both finalists keeping the “clean” more modern look of one of the logos and incorporating more of the activities that the county is known for from the other design. The result is the logo below. The final vote was not unanimous .. the final voice vote included a few no votes.



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A group of Vernon County employees know as the Performance Management
Team meets on a regular basis to look for ways to make county government better. They recently came up with the idea that Vernon County should have an official logo. Several departments use their own logo but the county as a whole does not have an official logo.

So the group decided to have a contest to develop a design. The contest offered a prize of $200 (of non tax money) and about 15 submissions came in. Out of those 15 the county forwarded two to the county board on Thursday.

Several board members made suggestions and comments. Some liking the simpler and “cleaner” logo. Some liking the other because it had more symbols of what the county was about, including round barns, canoeing, trout fishing, farming, cheese and wine. 

After a short discussion the board voted to send the designs back to the committee to incorporate some of the suggested changes from the board



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