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Brewers offer vouchers to fans for all home August games

| July 30, 2013
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With the Milwaukee Brewers in last place in the NL Central Division and Ryan Braun’s season-ending suspension, the team is reaching out to fans with a “thank you” for standing by them through a troubled season.

The Brewers will be handing out $10 vouchers to ticket holders at all 12 home games in August, which can be used on food, merchandise, or future ticket purchases at Miller Park. Anyone entering Miller Park through the turn styles will receive a voucher.

Brewers’ COO Rick Schlesinger says the team does not expect a voucher is going to help the team overcome the challenges it faces or deal with the disappointment the fans have in their performance or the Ryan Braun announcement. He says it’s just “one step in a long journey” towards winning back their trust.

With an average expected attendance of 30,000 fans per game, the Brewers plan to hand out more than $3.6 million in vouchers. Schlesinger says some fans have pointed out that the total is partially covered by the $3.1 million the team is not paying Braun during his suspension. However, he says the idea was in motion well before Braun’s season ended. The announcement just accelerated their desire to do something now.

The vouchers are part of a larger “Fans First” promotion the Brewers plan to run through the end of the season, with additional offering being unveiled later on.

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